• International Test Assurance and Troubleshooting

    homburgplacesiInternational Test Assurance and Troubleshooting

    Testing Services When You Need Them

    AngloDesi offer functional and non-functional testing services across the full system development life-cycle. Our model offers the cost advantages of off-shore testing, alongside the delivery focus and professionalism of a first class and highly experienced UK management team. We can support your needs, whether urgent or planned, short or long term.

    Making the Off-Shore Model Work

    AngloDesi are a common sense organisation and let’s face it – testing is all about common sense. We provide you with a unique and highly effective much needed service. Most IT projects in an organisation fail to understand the true scope of testing and the most appropriate test techniques for their projects. This is where AngloDesi can assist you by troubleshooting your current problems and putting you back on track.

    We are a highly experienced niche testing organisation who can save the precious time and resources that you have invested in IT projects from going to waste. AngloDesi have the specific skills needed to help with the growing number of off-shore problems, where testing has become confused or coverage and reporting have been lost in translation.

    AngloDesi’s assessment methodology may actually find that your off- shore problems have been heightened by mistaken or inaccurate perceptions, created by the challenges of communication across the continents.

    We have had great success in turning around projects out in India; let us help you turn around your off-shore model, wherever it may be located.

    Managed Testing Services

    Experienced UK Management Team
    Benefit from Managed Off-shore Test Services
    Detailed Timely Reporting Allowing Your Management Team to Make Appropriate and Informed Decisions
    Full Coverage and Traceability Reporting
    Clear Daily Progress Reporting
    Detailed Test Completion Report

    Test Assurance

    Unbiased Fact Finding Assessments
    Off-Shore Engagement
    Terms of Reference
    Deep Dive Assessment of Capabilities and Issues
    Daily Updates and Progress Reports
    Summary Report Including Progress and Next Steps

    Test Consultancy

    Establish or Reshape Test Teams
    Adapt Test Strategies, Plans and Approaches
    Risk Based Testing Workshops
    Communication Experts to Mediate On-Shore / Off- Shore Dialogue
    Coordinating Testing Across Multiple Suppliers / System Integrators
    Managing Testing and Acceptance of Solutions

    All of our customers have replied to us saying that they are very satisfied with our services and would order from us again. You can read more by clicking on “Testimonials” at the top of this website. We hope that you enjoy your stay on our website and a very good day to you.

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